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Validate Date

Checks and makes sure that the user enters in a valid date. Make a text box on a form and call it txtDate

Original Author: Michael Powers


I made this in a few minutes, after looking for a simple code so that I can make sure that if the user enters in bogus or an incorect form it will either clear it and throw a message or correct it and allow it to pass.


sub validDate()
If txtDate.Text <> "" Then
  If IsDate(txtDate) = False Then
    MsgBox "You have entered an Invalid Date in Last Contacted please use MM/DD/YYYY", , "Invalid Entry"
    txtDate.text= ""
    txtDate.Text = Format(txtDate.Text, "General Date")
  End If
  txtDate.Text = Date
End If
end sub

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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