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Four Card Solitaire

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This submission is a 4 card soltaire game that I've never seen a PC version of. The game hard to win so it's a little boring. I just wanted to do a card game.
This code uses Microsoft's Cards32.dll. I've included a copy of the cards32.dll if your system does not already have it.
Thanks to the following people:
Shaddy (from PlanetSourceCode) - for help with getting the API calls to work.
Sean Calvert (from PlanetSourceCode) - for his idea of using Windows API calls to keep track of the cards.
VB2TheMax - for the "shuffle" logic.
Let me know if you have any problems, comments or questions.

Original Author: chris hankey


Your PC may not have as copy of cards32.dll. If it does not then make sure to copy cards32.dll to the Windows/System directory.

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Visual Basic 6


Four Card
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