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DirectX8 3D tank 'game'

This is a 3D tank 'game'. you control the tank on the landscape. You can fire missiles from the tank that forms craters in the land where it hits, or blows up trees. There is full collision detection. Read the readme.txt file in the zip for features and how to play. I created this to show off what TrueVision3D ( the 3D engine) can do, as well as to teach others how to use it. If it is worthy, please vote :)
I cant upload to PSC, please get it at:

Original Author: Eric650


I keep getting an error when I try to upload my zip file, so please go here to download it:
going to that link will bring up a new page, you must click on the link on this new page to begin the download

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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