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Compare Files in Different Folders

Rev 8-1-2001. Have you ever had to compare files in two different folders? Mostlikely, you used paper and pencil. This VB snippet shows the contents of 2 folders and flags files with different date or file size. My graphic design is not the best and yes it would be nice to navigate to you folder (now you enter path). For the first step (3+2 hrs work), I think it will do.

Original Author: Patrick v O


The code could be improved for graphics and for scan method. If you select 2 folders with each 1000+ files, it could take 45 seconds. Rev 8-1-2001, uses the ItemFind, which makes the code run much faster. Next change is to loop the smallest file count and use the FindItem on the larger file count listview.


Two listviews with files for each folder, it flags files that are different.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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