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Update 11-Aug-2001. Enhanced VbAccelerator popup menus.

Updated 11-Aug-2001. Enhanced menus builds on Steve's excellent VbAccelerator popup menus which uses standard Vb menus, not complicated menus created at run-time. Enhancements: Transparent or opaque separator captions with icons. Wallpaper highlights. Variable width (autosizes to font) vertical bar created by writing direct to DC's. Left or right orientation. 90 or 270 text rotation. Standard, gradient, or wallpaper style. Individual captions, icons, and font properties. Translucency NOT WORKING CORRECTLY. CAN ANYONE HELP? Rename Alphablend.DL_ to Alphablend.DLL and copy to your windows system directory. See screenshot.

Original Author: Dana Seaman_

API Declarations

Many. See code.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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