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BaseX - Ultimate VB Scripting Language

(UPDATED: I HAVE NOW INCLUDED ALL THE ORGINAL VISUAL BASIC SOURCES CODES TO THE ZIP MAKING IT 650KB, THIS INCLUDES ALL THE MODULES(EVEN MY ADVANCED VARIBLE MODULES(HALF COMPLETE) AND OTHER ADVANCED MODULES, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND VOTE!) BaseX SourceCode aka YAVBSL(Yet Another VB Scripting Language), ok, everything in here is the BaseX Scripting Language Source, The actull language thats in it currently was only ment for aobuilder which i was making for a friend,mainly it supports near flawless IF's and virtually perfect While/loop, there is an evaluator class which is never used but i include it anyway,everything in here is 100% coded by me(1 month hard work and headachs) except the evaluators and the general idea behind the parser.(This probably is the most complete vb scripting language yet) this supports vb objects,meaning, any normal vb object(ie: image,picturebox(not richtextbox,etc)) you can create in here, the main reason im releasing the source code is because im makin something much much faster and stronger in Delphi, since C++ has a hard time doing it, and too much asm to care about. Anyway, please vote and leave comments if you want, i can probably add more if you wanted me to.(BTW: this also include the delphi source code to the simple text editor)...this entire project took 7 hours(about 1 month to make the object support and stuff)examples are included

Original Author: Tanner Ezell (aka Lord Nova Ice)


for some reason psc wouldnt let me upload, its 500k and at my domain:

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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