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Cool Chat - A Chat Program written in VB6

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Using Cool Chat:
Cool Chat is a two person communication tool which was originally designed for Network and Internet use. One person must decide on who is going to be the Host and who will be the Guest. Check the appropriate radio button. If you choose Host, then you IP# will be automatically displayed in the Address box. This is just to simply make it easy to tell the Guest what your IP# is. There is a Send Email feature in the Utilities which makes it easy to send the guest an email stating your IP#. The default port is 1005 but you can choose any Port you wish. The Guest and Host port has to be the same. Enter your Nick Name. Note you can change your name during the session.
Host should now hit Listen and you will see a confirmation that you are listening on port x. Guest should now enter the Host IP# in the Address box and hit Connect. Upon connection both sides will display an "Online" image. If either side disconnects then the other side will be notified by a pop up message.
Send Email:
This is pretty straight forward. Enter your email address ( in the "Your Email" box. Then enter you name beside it in the "Name" box as you want it to appear in the email (Michael Sharp). Next enter your friends' email address in the "Send To" box. Then their name as you want it to appear in the email. The SMTP address is usually or Check with your ISP.
Check Email:
Username is your mailbox username. Password is your mailbox password. POP3 server is usually , or Check with your ISP. Progress and status messages are displayed during the checking of the mail. The default port of 110 is standard for pop3 servers and should not be changed unless you know yours is different. The log port status check box is used to display advanced status messages in the Port Connection Status box.

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Cool Chat
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