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Multi-Level Security Access (Updated)

Need Part 11 compliance then you will need multi-level password security with passwords that expire. This sample application will show you how to this to your applications. All you need to do is copy 2 forms, a class module and a module to your application (see below) and you are ready to go. It was written to use an Access database (DAO); I have also written an ADO version, which I will post later. You set up the access rights, add users, and assign these rights to the users. New users, by default, are assigned the password of password, which they must change the first time they try to log-in. A user can change their password anytime they choose as long as they know what their assigned password is. The security file (security.pwd) can be renamed to anything you like and is password protected. You can assign a unique application ID to insure that the security file can only be used with that application. If you are connected to a network, the application will display your network log-in ID automatically in the Log-in ID text box. The passwords can be set to expire after a user-defined number of days.

Original Author: Morgan Haueisen

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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