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Extract and Register from EXE

From time to time I write some little application or game for me and my co-workers to use and in the program I am using some new control I made or downloaded. I already know they have the VB runtimes so I dont really feel like making an install for them so I just embed the OCX into the EXE using the resource file, then on the program start up it checks for the files existance. If it cannot find it [like on the first time] it will extract the OCX from the EXE to their hard drive and register it. Then it will open the form(s) that use it. This project shows how I do it. While I would never do this in a professional application, some of you may like this. However, I know this code can show some of you malicious programmers out there how to embed a virus or something like that. I had to think long and hard before I shared this. It is not all that advanced and if you are any good you would of figured out this on your own. So I decided there are enough legitimate reasons that others may like this code so I posted it. Please everyone who is responsible...please get a Project Scanner to scan source code projects for code like this (like the one listed here on PSC or mine at )

Original Author: Clint LaFever

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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