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Error Logger

This is the code I use to keep a track of errors throughout the program. It comes in useful for keeping track of the errors I haven't weeded out in the initial testing.

Original Author: Hagbard


erDesc - Error Description
erNum - Error Number
subname - Sub Name where error originates


Appends the error log file with the error description,number, Sub name and Date/Time


'Declare a Public constant ErrorLog filename and a Application Name
Public Const conErrorLogFile = "errorlog.txt"
Public const conAppname = "ApplicationName"
'The Sub for writing to the error log file
'Send Variables by value :
'erDesc = Error Description
'erNum = Error Number
'subName = name of procedure where error originated
Public Sub UpdateErrorLog(ByVal erDesc, ByVal erNum, ByVal subName As String)
On Error GoTo handleel
Dim strErrorLogname As String 'Full pathname for error log
Dim strAF As String 'Path to Application folder
  strAF = App.Path
'check for root path
  If Right(strAF, 1) = "" Then
    strAF = strAF
    strAF = strAF & ""
    End If
'get the full pathname from the app folder and the constant error log name
  strErrorLogname = strAF & conErrorLogFile
'open the error log file for appending - file is created if it doesn't already exist
  Open strErrorLogname For Append As #23 ' Open file for input.
  'write the line to the file
  'writes error description, error number, Sub name, Date/Time
  Write #23, erDesc, erNum, subName, Now
  'Close the file
  Close #23  ' Close file.
  Exit Sub
  MsgBox Err.Description & vbCrLf & Err.Number, , conAppName & " - Error Writing Log"
  Resume ExitEL
End Sub
'in the error handler for each sub I added the line to call the UpdateErrorLog procedure
'eg in the Form_load procedure
Private Sub Form_load()
On error goto HandleFormLoaderr1
'form_load code
'do whatever has to be done
  Exit Sub
  'Give the user a message
  MsgBox Err.Description & vbCrLf & Err.Number, , conAppName & " - Error"
  'Send the error info to the sub
  UpdateErrorLog Err.Description, Err.Number, "Form_Load"
  Resume exitloader
End Sub

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