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Database Viewer/Editor ver 2.4 Updated:Sept 28

Updated: Dec 02 2001, Ver 2.5 updates are functionality to associate MS Access (.mdb) databases with Database viewer/editor, and to
Maximaze the application.
View/Edit data on databases that can be MS SQL-Server local/lan or remote on internet, or a MS Access database. Get Data by clicking databases/tables/columns/views/stored procedures or perform custom SQL queries.
It shows ADO Programming and Some API.
In this version I have fixed some bugs from previous releases and improved the functionality.
Now you can view the "source" of all stored procedures and views in SQL-Server.
Thanks to all who came with feedback/suggestions in previous versions of this application.
The project is made with VB 6.0 Service Pack 5 and I used MDAC 2.5.
Please help me grow as a programmer and come with feedback/suggestions.

Original Author: Knoton

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