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Complex Mask Selections v 1.0

How to create and manage complex mask selections in a graphics app written in vb. You can select your mask with rectangle, ellipse, polygon, paint brush and wand tools and build it up progressively. Each tool can be used in either additive or subtractive mode...

Original Author: Meltdown Charlie

API Declarations

Shows how to use many of the region api's including :
- CombineRgn()
- GetRegionData()
- CreateRectRgn()
- CreateEllipticRgn()
- CreatePolygonRgn()
- FillRgn()
- ExtCreateRegion()
- FrameRgn()
Also shows how to use the brush apis to create two custom brushes for
a marching ants effect.
- CreateBrushIndirect()
- CreatePatternBrush()

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Visual Basic 6


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