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VegaCOMM (Was iBBS)

After many months, I decided to rewrite my iBBS internet communication program that allowed chat, private messaging, file transfer, mail, ane message boards. This new rewrite finally adds my most ambitious addition..Thir pary modules. Now anyone add their own client/server modules to extend VegaCOMM's functionality. Writ now the main progrmais limited to only Chat and Private MEessaging and I have included test module for both the client and server. The GUI right now is not all that great but the point of this release was to show off the module ability which I got code help on from other submissions. Please read the Readme.txt since it includes information on setting up some pieces of VegaCOMM you need to have ready before running the server. I have also included what I have written so far of the Module SDK with documentation on creating Modules to work with VegaCOMM. You will need to have either MSXML 2 istalled or 3 isntalled in replace mode, otherwise it MIGHT not work..

Original Author: Chris Andersen

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


VegaCOMM (
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