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New type of INI

A different kind of INI because I don't like the
ini's that are so easy to use!

Original Author: Cody Rutkowski


Public Function ini(Header, Filename)
dim strFile, FF
FF = FreeFile ' Finds open loading File#
open Filename for Input as #FF ' Opens File
strFile = input(lof(FF), FF) ' Reads in File
close #FF ' Closes File
strFile = split(strFile, vbcrlf) ' Puts into line form
for x = 0 to uBound(strFile)
if lcase(left(strFile(x),len(Header & "(") = lcase(Header & "(") then
  ini = left(mid(Filename,len(Header & "("),len(mid(Filename, len(Header & "(") - 1)
  exit x
end if
next x
End Function

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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