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this is a simple download-manager which demonstrates how to download a file with 4 streams. the file will be divied into 4 parts and they will be downloaded at the same time. this is just a very simple application, if the server does not support resume it crashes :) but you can also learn how to get the remaining time and the transfer rate... btw it's german :)

Original Author: Pablo Hoch


well... the url, the path for the destination-file, a user-agent (browser) and a cookie :-)


this code uses my melpro.bas, a module with many functions and subs. only a few are really used in crepis ;) if you need a little translation..:
Neuer Download-Auftrag = New Download-Task
Speichern nach = Save to
Erweiterte Header-Optionen = Advanced Header-Options
Download starten = Start Download
Download wird ausgeführt = downloading...
Geschwindigkeit = Speed/Transferrate
Dateigröße = Filesize
von = of
Verbleibende Zeit = Remaining time
Fortsetzen unterstützt = Resume support
Empfange datei... = Receiving file
Download anhalten = Pause/Stop download


the file? :)

Side Effects

this is not a finished downloadmanager, if a server does not support resume it won't work :)

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