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Portable Executable (PE) File Header Viewer Plus Image Checksum Calculator

To study one File-Format Structure, is a "TRUE" advanced
task for a programmer, offset-by-offset and byte-by-byte
definitions, and studying the Executable Format of the
system you are working on one of this tasks.
But to study a format, you must have a Viewer and a Format
Description itself from the File-Format author/developer
or by scanning through the use of Scanners/Detectors.
Using the FileMapping Class I recently submitted to this
Server, I have created a Portable Executable Viewer, an
Application capable of:
- Has support for Portable Executable 64-Bit
- Opening and Detecting Portable Executable Type
- Recalculating Image Checksum
- View MS-DOS Compatibility Headers
- View Portable Executable Headers
- View Optional Headers
- Generating a Full Report

Original Author: Chris Vega

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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