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DirectX8 VB Example (Class V1.1!)

V1.1 Now! i have fixed Auto ScreenMode Selection.
My V1.0 DX8 Class Module is now finished :) !
Here is a nice (i think) example, what u can do with it.
There not really all functions i could implement,
but with this Version u can start play around with DX8 and my Class :).
Modify it as u like - it contains : Auto Screen Mode Detect, Light, Texture, Custom Meshes, Transforms, Background, MousePointer ...
Sorry for the less Comments in Code, but havent got much time to write a nice Doc.
have fun ...
PS: if u Vote for me, the functions will be more in next Version (and a Doc maybe) :P
(if something not working, plz leave a message)

Original Author: Thanatos

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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