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HyperApp - Write binary code with HTML!

Create GUIs based entirely on HTML or write machine-specific code for web pages!

Original Author: Ultimatum


HyperApp HTML Interfacing

Special thanks to: Stephan (
and Chris Kesler

What Is HyperApp?

HyperApp is an script-driven, object-oriented library which
allows you to add binary code to any web page you create. I designed HyperApp
originally to allow for clean-looking page forms in my applications with
little work, but soon after discovered many more uses.

HyperApp has three required dependencies:



    Microsoft Script Control (found on Windows 2000 and above,
       or at



    Microsoft Internet Controls



    Microsoft HTML Object Library

HyperApp for the Layman

HyperApp is very easy to use. Simply add a reference to 'HyperApp
HTML Interfacing Object Library 1.0' and add a web browser component. Write
any code you want to give the page access to in a class file and pass a new
instance of the class to the HyperApp object. You can even pass forms or any
other object.

Accessing HyperApp through a page

When creating the HTML for your interface, script commands can
be called by preceding any navigational object with 'happ://' (as opposed to
'http://'). Immediately following happ://, type the statement you wish to
call. For example, if you had an object named MyObject, and you wanted to
access its function OpenFile, you might use the following convention:


  "c: eadme.txt"

 Note:  Any references made like this should be
encoded with hexidecimal to read something like '
Using an HTML editor, such as FrontPage, will automatically encode the links
to this "web-safe" format. HyperApp will automatically decode these
hex-encoded URLs.

Reminder: This is Alpha Work

By releasing this code, I'm not saying it's 100% bug-free.
However, any bugs you come across, please let me know so I can continue to
update this, what I hope will be, useful tool.

Soon to come: a HyperApp plugin for Internet Explorer, which
will run HyperApp-enabled web pages

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