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A real NNTP Newsgroup reader/poster using Winsock with RFC977

This is a complete NNTP Usenet newsgroup application. It is very basic - not all RFC977 commands have been implemented. This NNTP applications provides a simple news reader (downloads all newsgroups on first run), a simple Usenet message poster, and an automatic poster, to post your *ON TOPIC* messages in up to 10's of thousands of groups in one process! If your NNTP account requires a login username/password, this applications supports it. I threw the app together this evening because I needed something that would submit my advertisement to thousands of *ON TOPIC* newsgroups... it works great for this purpose. I think I will finally be able to sell my car within the next few days!!! joy!

Original Author: RGSoftware

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


A real
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