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Kick Butt Intellisense

This script editor is in the beginning stages, but is already very advanced.
If you are coding in one of the following languages, this this will save you a ton
of time.
VB Script
Java Script
Delphi Script
D+ (on Planet Source Code)
DM+ (on Planet Source Code)
Jel (on Planet Source Code)
WinScript (on Planet Source Code)
Personally I plan on using it as a "Script Addon" for a few of my programs, so my end users can have scripting support.

Original Author: Bryan A. Cairns


1. Download and Register the CodeSense Ocx Control (Version I know a lot of you hate downloading controls, but this one is definatly worth every second of your download.
2. Make sure you have MS DAO 3.51 Object Libray installed.If you have no idea if this is installed, don't worry, VB usally installs it as a default option.



Side Effects

none known

API Declarations

just a few - see zip file

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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