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Winsock API Webserver

Very unique code. This is the only Webserver on the internet that uses the Winsock api (and where the source code is downloadable!) I needed a simple webserver without the Winsock OCX for my game's server, for some easy remote-admin. That's why this code also has the Basic Authenticationscheme implented. The code is a bit messy, but it's been tough to get it working anyways. I hope you people enjoy this code and that you may learn something from it (That's why I put it online :)
-Supports images
-Checks if pages exists (does not return 404 though)
-Has Basic Authentication functionality (run it and you'll see it)
-Pretty secure I believe ("/../" won't work)
-Accepts multiple connections!
One drawback: The events are based on two command buttons. Yes, I'm sorry. but I just don't like AddressOfs, hooks, callbacks and whatever... they just are too crashy when you're beginning with something like this...
I used someones 2 class modules found on this site... I forgot the author of it. if anyone knows it, let me kow. Credit where credit is due :)
Anyway, enjoy!

Original Author: Almar Joling


Basic knowledge of the HTTP1.0/1.1 protocol, and how to connect to a local webserver (enter


A freshly server HTML page

Side Effects

Using Winsock API is sometimes a very delicate job... be carefull what you change

API Declarations

38kb of Winsock declarations =-)

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