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As(s)embler Plus VB Picture Processing Fun

As(s)embler Plus VB Picture Processing Fun: by Robert Rayment. I like to have everything at my finger tips as the screen shot shows. If you prefer the minimalist approach see the excellent filter prog by Manuel Santos ( I have used a modification of a couple of his filters and have included his bitmap). Stephan Swertvaegher's picture handling prog is great for ideas and delicate changes to pictures ( I haven't seen Kevin Gadd's prog but which I believe is based on a dll written in C). The ripple effect is based on Didar ul Alam's prog. My prog has some of their features but also includes scrolling, shifting, rotation, zooming (plus anti-alias rotation and zooming), rectangle extraction, resizing and crazy mirrors. Looping is also included which can cycle through changes until stopped. All but a couple of things are duplicated in mcode. For some effects this is only included for completeness but has a dramatic effect on others. The programmer is usually the last person to find all the errors so - Constructive comments welcome. Win98. Zip file 63 KB.

Original Author: Robert Rayment


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