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Add Command Line(s) to your App!

This code is simple and easy! This code allows you to run command from the start menu. EXAMPLE: Start> Run> C:FolderMyApp.Exe /NoSplash

Original Author: JohnnyX

Side Effects

I have found NO Side Effects yet, but if you have ANY problems you can Download the Demo
I am SURE this code works though!
If you have any doubts then download the demo and
run this (INCLUDE QUOTES!)
"C:WINDOWSProfilesJason BarnesDesktopProject1.exe" /Nosplash


' Just add this code to your Project...
' You can Change Commands and Functions
Private Sub Form_Load()
If Command = "/hide" then
'Function Here
ElseIf Command = "/BLACKback" then
Me.BackColor = &H0&
end if
End Sub

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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