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eTextBox Class

[UPDATED] - Added three new Subroutines:
LoadTEXT, SaveTEXT, and Clear. Also updated the sample application to show more of the functionality.
Ability to Count Lines, Words, Characters, get the cursor position, Undo, ClearUndoBuffer, TopLine, BottomLine, UnSelect, LineLength, LineData, LineIndex, VisibleLines, IsDirty, ReadOnly (YES, it IS different from Locked), and others.
It gives these abilities to make it easier to use these functions (some of which are found in the RichTextBox control) to a simple TextBox control.
Read the README.txt contained in the ZIP (which is also included in the VB Project) to see how each property/function/subroutine is used.
There is also a sample included.

Original Author: computercoder

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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