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i have alot of ebooks/manuals in pdf, html, rtf/txt form and it was a huge hassle to go thru the steps of opening the next file so, i put this together, you can have one of each file type loaded at same time. hope some of you find this helpful, add these components to project: Acrobat Control for ActiveX - pdf.ocx, comes with adobe reader in the readeractivex dir., the pdf.ocx is not supported by adobe, works with inet explorer and no doc avail. so you still need to have adobe reader loaded....but it's free too.
Microsoft Internet Controls - shdocvw.dll - vb6

Original Author: Chasman


best if run at 1024x768, but 800x600 ok

Side Effects

much easier to read ebook files

API Declarations

all in zip file

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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