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Notepad X .. the final Updated Version .. now supports Drag Drop .. Get user .. Check it out!

Hi friends, this is an updated version of notepadx .. and probably the
last version of the project that I hold close to my heat ... which I claimed
to be the most closest clone to MIcrosoft(R) Notepad .. and now I can proudly
say .. this is the best clone for Notepad ...
* Word Wrap (Font also changes as we swap ... a bug left in the first version)
* Select Font (Pressing Cancel won't matter .. a bug left in the first version)
* Write .LOG at the top of your file and when you reopen the file you will see
the difference at the bottom of the file ( a feature that exists in Notepad ) ...
pointed to me by John. Thanks friend. I have also included a file with .LOG for
you to check out the feature ....
* Drag DRop Files
* Get user and Organization Name in About form.
* Information about Total and Available Physical Memory in About Form.
I hope you will like this and please vote for me ...
Thanks for downloading my code .. I hope you enjoy this code as much as I
enjoyed programming it.
Biswajyoti Das (

Original Author: Biswajyoti Das

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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