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CRC_32, String-encryption/-decryption, File-encryption/decryption, Passwords, Filewiping

This demo-project shows you how to use my C_Crypt.dll, whitch offers:
1. VERY FAST CRC-calculation on strings and files;
2. VERY STRONG encryption/decryption for strings and files;
3. Secure filewiping
(Normal = overwrite every byte with &H00 then kill the file)
(Governmentwipe = overwrite every byte with &HFF, next run with &H00 and third run at random. Then kill the file)
4. Flexible password generation
In case of an unexpected error, the component writes a detailed logfile, C_Crypt.log.
You can download my ActiveX Dll from
and you are free to use it in your projects.
(Source-code available)

Original Author: Joost Rongen


See screenshot


download (133 KB) from
Register it to your system and make sure the demo-project has set a reference to it. (see reference.jpg)


See screenshot

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