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Font Selector .. like Microsoft Word :-)

Hi! So here I am again .. first of all let me tell you that this code is
done by taking lot of help from various programming ideas that are available
on the net .. by that I mean .. like the use of Image ComboList ... adding
images to the ImageList at runtimes and stuff ... but anyway the idea behind
his code is very much mine and till now I have not found anyone coming up with this
idea of making font selector .. if there are codes with my idea then I beg
pardon it is only coincidence and not my fault ....
Well it is basically a font selector like you see in Microsoft Word or something where
there is a preview of the fonts that you are selecting .. it is cool please download
it to get a feel of what is going on .....
I have not made very detailed analysis of the code as it is very clearly
Understood. I have used very long names for objects as I am feeling little
down today and I don't know what to do .. so some crazy things like long
variable and controls name ....
Anyway I hope you guys like it and use it where you want it to and please
vote for me if you like it ...
Thanks ....
'Biswajyoti Das (

Original Author: Biswajyoti Das

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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