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How to load DAO objects on runtime, allow select the version on runtime!

How to load DAO objects on runtime, open database and select the DAO version
from installed ones!
Big news for VB5.0 & 6.0 DAO/JET Access97 database application makers:
Capacity to select the DAO/JET engine version on runtime!
This is my new invention how to load a "installed" version of DAO in
runtime. Also this shows how to use DAO as runtime created object! Tested
this in VB5.0 And VB 6.0
The coal why to develop this is solve a potential DAO 3.5X App break when a
new install of Office 2000/2002 removes the registry entries of older DAO's.
This is the number one end user tech support issue in DAO 3.5x referenced
applications, even if they are carefully made!
The problem might rise again more when people are installing Office 2002
after your app was there. There are two demos how to use this when the
System.mdw file is in effect and second sample for unprotected databases.
See file: Readthis.txt in the zip, The instructions and exceptional are
explained there!

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