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___ Orion Belt - The World's BEST VB Code Commenter!! Comments projects modules procedures CHECK IT!

Orion Belt is an excellent VB-Code commenter, even I'm not sure is it the world's best or not :P ... It AUTOMATICALLY scan and search every ASCII of your projects, forms, modules, and even procedures, to gather some useful information and use them to comment your projects. Comes with many commenting features and an attracting interface. Can backup the project before commenting if you like. Take a glance at the screenshot! Anyway, picture tells only a thousand words while experiencing does millions. Download! Vote! Thanks!!!

Original Author: Alph@!

API Declarations

Click below (or above?) to download! Go on! Go on! Only CopyFile API used in the backup things! Download! VOTE!!!

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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