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VBPScan Documenter

VBPScan documenter is a source code documentation generation program, originally submitted by kerlin, but in it’s original form even the author noted some deficiencies. With my own need for some source code documentation, I have taken the original program and expanded it’s scope, hopefully creating something that everyone might find useful.
The program now reports on class properties and user controls; the HTML pages now use a stylesheet, to make global formatting changes changes easier; remarks entered in code that immediately follow a sub/function/property declaration will be shown as descriptions; additional class information is shown (like the instancing, MTS mode and persistance); all entries are sorted; function return value types are shown. Also, a few bugs were fixed. I’d appreciate some constructive comments about the code.
Fixed bug: program now fully resolves file paths where a form/class/etc is not in the same folder as the project file.
Fixed bug: program now correctly reports on projects where number of forms is greater than 10.

Original Author: Nick Rogers

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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