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WindowsControl for NT4 (work on W2K)

Tool intended for the administrators.
Two mains parts :
1) Windows secrets fonctionnalities.
Similar to the PolEdit program.
Useful to prevent a workman to modify Windows.
- Inhibe some commands like add printer,
change display properties, find, execute...
- Change icons size
- Hide some drive-letters from Explorer
- Apply an AutoLogin
- Show a message before the login
- Lock the NumLock before the login
- ...
All these changes can be made to a remote
computer (you must have admin rights !)
2) Network tools
- Ping an IP or DNS. Single or infinite with
sound to known the result without seeing the
screen !
- Convert IP->DNS and DNS->IP. This fonction
can be applied on a range of IP.
- Send messages (equivalent to 'net send' dos
- See MAC address of all your NIC
- Shutdown the local or a remote computer
(equivalent to ShutDown.exe from the
- Read data from the internet (UTC time for
Thats all folk........ for the moment........
This code is usefull if you whish to learn :
- Registry manipulations
- WinAPI32
- Icontray (small icon near the clock)
- Retrieve system information (memory, display...)
- Network manipulations and tools
- ...
The program is in French and it miss a little
comments. If you have somes difficults to
understand the code or to translate, email me.
I made this program using many small codes and exemples found in PSC. Thanks to all of you that
take the time to upload your 'How to' exemples.

Original Author: SERRON Dominique

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