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Remote Shutdown Agent

This application will allow an NT Administrator to remotely shutdown a NT workstation for which they are a member of its local adminstrator group * You can shutdown two ways one that is absolute (5:00 PM) or delayed (10 minutes from now) * A shutdown message can be displayed * A forced immediate shutdown can be implemented (user gets no warning) * Running applications on client can be allowed to close or terminated immediately * Time delayed remote shutdowns can be aborted for any or all computers on list * Note for Win 95/98 users: Remote shutdowns are not allowed through Win 95/98 machines. XP/2000 is untested. There's alot of code in here and its relatively well commented but there may be redundant API declartions, etc. The code has been tested and works. I haven't test cross-domain shutdowns however. Use this program at your own risk. Author assumes no liability for its use or misuse. There's alot to this code, have fun.

Original Author: Don Kiser


Unzip using supplied folders
Register the CCRP Time/Date Picker Control (included)

API Declarations

*****UPDATE***** 1/2/01
The batch files have been removed. Thanks to Morgan Haueisen for the suggestion for enumerating domains.
The program requires the Active Directory Service Interface v2.5
It can be downloaded from:
ADSI is used to enumerate domains
API calls are used to enumerate machines on a domain and the comment field.

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