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Apps32 Remote: Tech Support System

Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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Okay, you all are computer geniuses... you all know it comes with that responsibility? You know, the one where you hav to help everyone you know that has a computer problem? Like, "Hey! I was trying to plug in my monitor, but it wouldn't fit with all those little metal points, so I cut them all off, and now it doesn't work! Help me!". Okay, say you have someone a long ways away, or you're at work and can't help. Apps32 can help! This remote tool can connect to the other user, get screenshots, reboot, and do a complete control... thats right! Get constantly updating screenshots, and type, and use the mouse! It's easy to do tech support with Apps32! Please leave comments!

Original Author: Daniel Smith (SqueakMac)

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