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Apps32 Remote: Tech Support System

Okay, you all are computer geniuses... you all know it comes with that responsibility? You know, the one where you hav to help everyone you know that has a computer problem? Like, "Hey! I was trying to plug in my monitor, but it wouldn't fit with all those little metal points, so I cut them all off, and now it doesn't work! Help me!". Okay, say you have someone a long ways away, or you're at work and can't help. Apps32 can help! This remote tool can connect to the other user, get screenshots, reboot, and do a complete control... thats right! Get constantly updating screenshots, and type, and use the mouse! It's easy to do tech support with Apps32! Please leave comments!

Original Author: Daniel Smith (SqueakMac)

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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