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HTML Help File Generator

Take any ActiveX dll with unique help context ID's and generate an HTML help file outline of all the methods, events, properties and eneumerators.

Original Author: Donald Derrick


The name and path of the ActiveX dll, the name of the HTML help file described in your activeX dll, and the directory you want the HTML help file compiled to.


The user must understand how to compile HTML help files using the latest HTML help workshop. [See the VB article 'writing HTML help files' from December 2001 for more details]. The user must also understand XML and XSLT if he/she wants to edit the end results [future articles/code will help with this].


The source files needed to comile HTML help files using the latest HTML help workshop.

Side Effects

If the user has created unique help context ID's for the program and public interfaces in their Active X dll, has used the same name in the help file location in VB properties as in this program, and places the HTML help file in the correct directory, they will have F1 help functionality like we are all used to from the MSDN library.

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