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BSoftPlayer MP3 / WMA Player - Graphical audio player with ID3 support

BSoftPlayer Audio Player Technology Preview. The first release in the BSoftPlayer Series, BSoftPlayer plays MP3s and WMAs, supports ID3 tags, sorts playlists by artist and title ("IPM - Intelligent Playlist Management"), is easy to use, compact, and attractive. Tested on Windows 2000 & XP (please inform me by email of any errors). Not yet complete (that's why it's a technology preview), but still can play & organize music well. Requires Windows Media Player 6.0 or better to be installed. *** Jan 11 Update: Now includes required OCXs as well as a .BAT to register them. Be sure to run "Run Me.bat" before you open the project. ***

Original Author: Brian Cairns

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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