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AXIOM (must-see!)

Axiom: (FIXED missing files)
Text and HTML Processor and Filter. THIS IS A MUST SEE.
Compile to Exe and start using it.
OR check the code it will teach you LOTS of things,like:
* REGULAR EXPRESSIONS: if you don't know what RegExp's are then YOU ARE MISSING A LOT, check my code to see how you can replace hundereds of lines of code with a couple of lines!
* PLUG-IN DLL's * Save/Restore Settings Class.
* String Lists Class, like those in Delphi !
* Text file access Class, fast object access to text files.
* INI file Class.
* File History (MRU) Class.
* Fast String Concatination Class.
* ActiveX User Controls: Flat Button, Open Dialog with Preview,...
* LOADS of functions for handling Text and HTML files.
* API Stuff: Add bitmaps to menus, subclassing and callbacks, ...
* more....
most of the API code came from many sources, so i take no credit for them,
but the rest (and most) of the code is mine.
VOTES and FEEDBACK are welcome.
for suggestions or questions mail me on:

Original Author: M. Highlander


uses VBScript 5.5

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