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Anonymous Mailer 1.3(UPDATE)

Bug fix and some stuff added. This is a basic Anonymous Mailer. Sends e-mails using a fake e-mail address. Feilds include From, To, Subject and Body. Also sends feilds:"Content-Type","X-Mailer" and "Importance". Switch the HELO address to or your own IP. And this comes with 373 SMTP Servers, I think they work but I dont have time to test them all. So if your dont have anyother reason to download this you can take the SMTP Servers for your own programs.

Original Author: Nullific

Side Effects

If your an AOL user then you will have and "X-Apparently-From:" If you click the "Details" thing on the e-mail.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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