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Alphanumeric LED Display

Hello again :)
Well saturday, after the numeric LED display, I thought about adding something to the Numeric LED Display I wrote. So here is the alphanumeric LED display. Have a look to the screenshot to see what this one does.
Again, you can change the sprites (in colour of course, but also in size) and adapt easily this code in whichever program. You can use different LEDs sets, choose LEDs size, number of digits, where to display... It is flexible and piece of cake to port.
Finally, this sample do NOT use PictureBox or ImageBox at all, but sprites and APIs. Unlike my Tetris, no backbuffering is used (no point here). So you can use that without using one single control! Cool huh?
Cheers, I hope you'll enjoy enjoy :)
Oh, I added a simple scrolling option to display scrolling texts like "Thank you for travelling with Cricri Airlines", whatever :) And also, I only coded the LEDs for capital letters and numbers. If you want to port the whole ASCII table, please go ahead and send me your code :)

Original Author: Cricri

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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