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_ ISPanel a Great Option if you need more space in your Forms ! ! _

Name: prjPanelTest
Description: this control is very useful for
those who need more space on their forms,
you can extend you form space using this
control, see example form

how to use:

1.- Insert a ISPanel Control in your form

2.- Insert controls in a picture Box
3.- In the Form Load Event call the Attach Function and pass the picturebox as parameter.

4.- In the Query Unload event call the detach Function


the Control Captures the events of the Picturebox,
so if you resize the picturebox, the control adjust the scrollbars.

Also, if you resize the ISPanel control, it adjust his properties

Feedback and Votes are GREATLY appreciated ;)

Original Author: Fred.Cpp

API Declarations

some :)

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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