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Web Server with Remote Control

This Web Server was original on PCS. I have been unable to reach any of the claimed authors. I have modified to code to allow for remote control of a PC via a web-browser. Features include screenshot, logoff, reboot, opencd, msgbox, open browser to web page, screen effects, etc. If anyone makes changes to this code. Please send me the changes so I can keep this updated for everyone. Thanks.

Original Author: David Trep


Must be installed into C:Program FilesWebServer!showicon - Show the setup icon on the server!hideicon - hide the setup icon on the server!screenshot - slow (BMP)!enablecad - enable Ctrl Alt Del (doesn't seem to work)!disablecad - disable Ctrl Alt Del (doesn't seem to work)!inverse - screen effect (leaves screen not so pretty)!reverse - screen effect (leaves screen 'untouched')!screensaver - turn on screensaver (doesn't seem to work)!screensaver - turn off screensaver (doesn't seem to work)!browser||!msgbox|Hello There!|!force!reboot!shutdown!logoff!opencd

Please send me your updates so that I can keep this current.


I hard coded the directory to save the screenshot. Therefore, the program needs to be installed into C:Program FilesWebServer.

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