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The Windows MCI Command String Interface - A complete step by step guide.

This is a complete tutorial to TEACH you how to write your OWN code to program the MCI Command String Interface. This is great for a beginner that has never used MCI Command Strings before. In this tutorial I explain on a step by step basis the mciSendString function and mciGetErrorString function. I show you how to send command strings and flags to the Mci Device. The link to the available and documented command strings and flags is included. I show you how to go by this Mci Documentation and select the command strings and available flags to accomplish what you want to do. If I receive good feedback I will consider more tutorials in the future. I am not very good at explaining things so I hope you don't get confused. I tried to break it down in very simple terms. I used wordpad to create the article so you may not like the formatting of the article. You can check out my webpage at: for addition code and information.
Alot of time and work went into this article so please vote and leave feedback.

Original Author: Jason Hensley

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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