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MS Access Password Recovery

Never fear of losing/forgetting you MS 97 Password this code snippet will recover the ms acces 97 file's password .

Original Author: Super--s


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'code by Simon Keung
Function AccessPassword(Byval Filename As string) as string
Dim MaxSize, NextChar, MyChar, secretpos,TempPwd
Dim secret(13)
secret(0) = (&H86)
secret(1) = (&HFB)
secret(2) = (&HEC)
secret(3) = (&H37)
secret(4) = (&H5D)
secret(5) = (&H44)
secret(6) = (&H9C)
secret(7) = (&HFA)
secret(8) = (&HC6)
secret(9) = (&H5E)
secret(10) = (&H28)
secret(11) = (&HE6)
secret(12) = (&H13)
'code by Simon Keung
secretpos = 0
Open Filename For Input As #1  ' Open file for input.
For NextChar = 67 To 79 Step 1 'Read in Encrypted Password
Seek #1, NextChar      ' Set position.
MyChar = Input(1, #1)    ' Read character.
TempPwd = TempPwd & Chr(Asc(MyChar) Xor secret(secretpos)) 'Decrypt using Xor
secretpos = secretpos + 1  'increment pointer
Next NextChar
Close #1  ' Close file.
AccessPassword = TempPwd
End Function

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