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View Source - Webbrowser

View source - using webbrowser control.
No need of those msinet.ocx which all people always tell to use to get source of HTML-page.
This is a simple and beatiful way to do it.
PS..another even smart way is to add a webbrowser2.visible = false and to change viewsource function to use the hidden one.. instead of the webbrowser1 (which you may use to navigate pages) ; )

Original Author: Juha S?Âderqvist


Source of webpage, opens notepad and if html-source is too big automaticly opens wordpad !!


' a sub to be called from example webbrowser
' mnuviewsource
' webbrowser1 = webbrowser control
' combo1 = used as an addressbar
private sub viewsource
On Error Resume Next
If Combo1.Text <> "" Then
me.WebBrowser1.Navigate "view-source:" & Me.WebBrowser1.LocationURL 'view source
'nothing here
  End If
end sub

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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