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Fast Mask Fades and Single Picture Sprite Creation!

This little ap is a powerful addition to anyone's
library of code. It produces fast fades and fade effects
using an unusual "masking" technique. It will also take
your "single" fade in picture and produce the two required
for sprite transparency! It does this by converting the
background color to the two mask colors needed in
sprite transparency. This assuming the background
is of a solid color of course. This will save alot of
time not having to edit two pictures.
As for the masking technique used in the fades a tiny
20 x 20 pixel black and white mask is used. This tiny mask
is expanded by the ap and passed over the sprite in a
user entered X, Y scanning fashion. The sprite will bleed thru
the white portions of the mask as it is being scanned, unto
the main picture. And maintain sprite transparency!
I have tried to make the ap as easy to use and as
self explanatory as possible.
To get an idea of the program's function you might try to
use the default pictures and scan values for
the masks. To change masks or pictures simply click on the
appropiate box. Changing masks will change the default
scan values for you. After you get the hang of it you may
want to try making your own masks with Window's Paint.
I have included 14 masks in this zip along with a few pictures.
If you are into graphics, fades, etc, you will want to
check this out!
Have fun!
PS: I tried to include a sceenshot but
PSC don't seem to take it.

Original Author: Jose M. Lopez

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