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Four Cool User Controls - GGCommand, GGProgressBar, GGMover and GGCommonDialog

4 cool user controls. !!! FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY !!! NO SAMPLE PROJECT INCLUDED !!! Experiment with Properties Browser and methods and events. Look at the great events of GGCommand (I have not seen a Flat Command Button like mine on PSC yet :)) - MouseEnter and MouseExit. Supports transparent images and Caption and Picture position adjustments.
Usage of GGMover:
In MouseDown events of some object (Picture1 for example - set form and picture1 .ScaleMode to 3-Pixel):
GGMover1.CaptureObject X,Y
In MouseMove event:
GGMover1.MoveObject Picture1,X,Y,True,True,0,300,0,500
In MouseUp event:
If you have any problems with these user controls just write me an email to gogox@yahoo com or
This is my first submission to PSC.Enjoy

Original Author: Georgi Yordanov Ganchev

Side Effects

Be carefull with GGCommonDialog - Set .Flags before using it for Fonts - Use GGCommonDialog1.Flags = cdlCFBoth

API Declarations

A lot of API's in user control's source code.

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