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ADO Helper 2.0 now includes example projects to demonstrate the working of ADO. This will help to directly use the codes in application. Example projects include: Demonstrates how to use Cross Tab, How to handle ADO Errors, ADO Find and Seek Methods, How to use ADO with Grid Controls, Use ADO with Data Report to create Simple Data Report, A complete ADO Unbound example to show, add, edit, save, delete with navigation with error handling, How to practically handle ADO transactions. These example programs will definitely help beginners and pros alike. With the passage of time, ADO Helper will become the complete source of ADO Help and Example programs at one place.
Coming soon are topics such as: Data Consumers, Data Shaping, ADO MD to summarize data, Creating Data Sources, A complete payment management system using ADO and crystal report.

Original Author: Avaneesh Dvivedi

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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