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I designed this software to enable me to scan, file & comment all the rubbish documents that I dare not throw away but may need one day.
You can scan the document and it puts it into the App.Path & mpImg DIR and then goto Add to DB and add some comments & a title. This is then put into the DB (access 2k) and the image is moved to App.Path & img. you can now use the viewer to view the images and you get the information about it too. Uses Mainly TIFF images and has full ROTATE, ZOOM & PRINT capabilities. This is my first App and I am quite proud of it. Perfect for beginners to learn howto add scanning & TIFF images to a VB project. Sorry, not all commented yet, but I will get round to it. Let me have comments please...
P.S If you have missing OCX's or DLL's, let me know and I can Email them to you. Either that or Install Imaging For Windows!

Original Author: Alan Masters


If you are missing any OCX's or DLL's, let me know and I will email then to you.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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