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API Listbox as Inputbox Replacement

This Code was written by Dave Andrews
and modified by Tom Pydeski
It is an api form with a listbox which can be used as an inputbox replacement where the user is presented with a list of choices in a listbox form instead of the standard inputbox.
modifications include:
made list 3d
automatically size list based on the number
of entries and the width of the longest entry
added the keystroke capability
added the option of changing the font to that of the calling form
or any of its container controls that support .textheight.
added double click capability to the list

Original Author: Tom Pydeski


A list in an array


A list of selected items (if in multiselect mode) or a number representing the selected index

Side Effects

none (hopefully...:-)

API Declarations

quite a few...

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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