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Are You Using Manifest Files To Give You The Xp Look??

If you are using Manifest files to give you Apps the XP look then you may have come accross this problem...

Original Author: Shane Manaton


I wasnt sure if i should post this or not but figured if it only helps a couple of people then it was worth it
The Problem:
When you add a radio button to a frame it appears 'Blacked out', if you add it to a form then it is fine but if you are coding property pages then you loose the option groupings, this can be a real nightmare!
The Fix:
Its very simple and most of you with this problem have probably figured this out, If you add your frame to the form and then a PicturBox with no border and the same BackColor, add your option buttons to the picturebox control and the groupings will now work
Hope this helps someone!!

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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